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An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their FEELINGS through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante



 "Zone of Absolute Focus"


Some call it “Runner’s High”...others say it’s a “Meditative State” ...others claim it’s just, “Endorphins doing their thing.”


No matter how it is labeled, it is a mystical experience which has been shared by many of this generation’s greatest athletes. Superstars like Wayne Gretzky, Tiger Woods, Laird Hamilton, David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo and scores of others have entered the “ZONE”—a place reached during moments of peak performance—that seems to exist beyond the physical world.


 Zone of Absolute Focus takes a comprehensive look at all areas of this quest to discover what many people believe only a selected few experience. Is the “ZONE” only available to elite athletes or can peak performance be achieved by anyone?


Peak Performers and leaders aren’t born that way…they’re trained.


" Zone of Absolute Focus" is a seminar that takes an in-depth view on how the greatest athletes of our time experience the place they have dreamed of and finally reach, during moments of peak performance that seem to exist beyond the physical world. This workshop examines how professional athletes achieve this higher state of being and will introduce tangible concepts that you can use to also attain this phenomenon. You will learn how you too can experience the Zone.


Have you ever wondered why people with equal talent perform differently under pressure? Why do some thrive and others collapse?


All of us at various times in our lives have performed elegantly and masterfully. This is a tribute to the ability of human beings to learn, because we cannot not learn.  Do you know your internal performance strategy? Throughout history, there have been thousand of remarkable and talented individuals – creative, innovative, dynamic, charismatic. Were these people “just born that way?” Definitely not! Anything that has ever been accomplished first occurred as an act of will. That means it was the result of systematic and purposeful ways of thinking, planning and action. Until recently, it has been impossible to replicate their internal performance strategies and consequently their behaviour.


Have you ever wondered why some people always seem to take an optimistic view in face of adversity and challenge … or why some people always seem to be in the right place at the right time. Luck? A fluke? Or, the result of systematic and purposeful ways of thinking, planning and action. Yes they’ve taught their brain to speak their dreams – their body to live them – they have gone with the inner YES.


7 steps into the Zone of Absolute Focus


 Colli reveals the 7 steps into the Zone of Absolute Focus and as a participant you experience the 7 steps ... You will enter the Zone.


During the seminar/workshop " The Zone of Absolute Focus" will explore strategies of the superstars from Wayne Gretzky, Laird Hamilton, to Tiger Woods and how they have entered their “Zone.” It will de-code what “The Zone of Absolute Focus” is and demonstrate whether it is an actual place, a physical condition, or purely a state of mind.


Optimizing thinking skills is essential to your success in all areas of life.


There is no mystery to strategies. Strategies program the brain. They’re like a set of instructions that say “organize this information in accordance with this purpose and to carry out these operations in order to accomplish this outcome.” But all too often the elegance of the strategy goes untapped, because many of the essential components remain hidden and are not available consciously. When you find out what works in contrast to what doesn’t work, you begin to uncover “the difference that makes the difference”.

  "Zone of Absolute Focus" has been created through talking to athletes about their personal experiences, celebrated experts in the fields of psychology, neurology, physiology and other scientific disciplines to explore what happens inside and outside the minds and bodies of those men and women who have experienced this unique occurrence.


" Zone of Absolute Focus" will elevate any participants personal potential for achieving something that may have once seemed out of reach.



 “Through Colli’s program, I was able to develop supreme confidence and much more”

B T (Former Vancouver Canuck)


“Her program is absolute dynamite. I can’t imagine anybody today who is serious about developing their sport performance or profession to the highest level not taking of advantage of Colli’s amazing and incredibily powerful program.

Robert H Garry Businessman., Paris France


 “Dear Colli (Miss Lighthouse)...How you shine so bright...Lost souls are attracted because of your shinning light and your powerful posture. Wind nor shine sleet nor rain your light is on.” My recent work with Colli has moulded me into a highly motivated individual with clear life passions. I believe that any person who has the opportunity to work with Colli and to incorporate her tutelage towards peak performance and “Owning The Zone” would be a better athlete and person.

Robbie Ames (PGA Golfer)



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