Insider Strategies to Becoming a Champion of Sport, Performance & Life

"An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their FEELINGS through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante


Coaching for Champions


100% Results Guarantee:

YOUR satisfaction is the most important thing. I hold the key to unlocking your potentials

 Single Sessions:

If you’d like to work with me directly to tackle a specific problem, or create a strong plan of action, hire me by the session.

Self Mastery through Inner Fitness 

Are you free from the limitations of your past, manifesting your goals, living your dreams?
Knowledge of Mastery is the knowledge to connect your excellence. It is not about change it is recognizing and knowing the skill to harness your own power to determine your experiences and realities. The more Mastery you have the less your body can enslave you.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Carl Jung

 Planning to work with me on a regular basis? If you decide on a longer term relationship you receive a discounted rate. This guiding retainer offers the following:

·One weekly session by phone or in person.

· Light access to me via phone and daily email between sessions.

Zone of Absolute Focus 

This combined PTTK/PSYCH-K and one on one coaching by phone or in person is my specialty. I often call this the 'Full meal deal.' This is, honestly, the best that I can do for . This once a week interaction will grow you into a World Class Champion. This is results based accountability guiding. The person who goes through this program will be moved from NOT ONLY enhanced performing but will gain the ability to have Instant Athletic Focus which is the secret of World Class Athletes/Performers. This guiding retainer offers the following:

12 PTTK/PSYCH-K sessions by phone or in person)

·Light access to me via phone and daily email between sessions.

Leadership and Responsible Communication for Coaches

Coaches in any sport receive deeper instruction on how to communicate effectively with their athletes and assist them to access and stay Focuses. Coaches who consider themselves leaders will gain the most from this type of coaching. This is results based accountability coaching. The person who goes through this program will become a master communicator and effective leader. This coaching offers the following:

·One weekly session by phone or in person.

  •  Light access to me via phone and email between sessions.


To make initial contact call me at  306-716-9218

I like to schedule a 15 minute consultation before accepting a new client. That way, I can answer any questions that you might have, offer you more information about my coaching, and.... let's face it... in this digital era sometimes it's nice to actually talk to someone live on the phone.

You may choose a one on one phone session (or in person if you live in the Saskatoon, Sask or Nelson BC, Ca area) where I will address any of your concerns, problems, or questions about creating an empowered life, and how to release anything that is getting in the way of you being your best ... The Champion in all areas of your life. You will then set an intention for your session regarding what you want to accomplish.

I will use one or several of her many healing modalities to help you clear out past pain and blocks to make room for you to create what you deeply desire. The focus of your first session will be to assist you in discovering the truth held deep inside your (core) for success in acheiving your soul's greatest desires.


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