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An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their FEELINGS through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante



Do your words MOTIVATE others to their POTENTIAL? How do people RESPOND to your guidance?


Language develops the mind, influences the body, shapes your world, and as such is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. Since we are the producers of our language, we are co-producers of our reality.

                               -Christina Hall,NLP Training Leader
                                                                Christina Hall, Ph.D.
                                                                NLP Meta-Master Trainer



As a coach, teacher, trainer, manager, you are motivated and curious to discover and learn how to utilize your skills for the purpose of achieving excellence.


Responsible Communication is the key to negotiating and influencing with Integrity. It will guide you to establish the credibility, trust and confidence that leads to rewarding relationships with athletes, parents, executives, officials, and other coaches.


This is an OPPORTUNITY for CHANGE. Discover your internal cues that lead you to INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and BELIEVE in others. Watch them grow and expand as you alter the way you see yourself in the world and your connections within it.


Whatever the outside world is really like, we use our senses to explore and map it. Map making is a good analogy for what we do: it is how we make meaning of the world. The world is an infinity of possible impressions and we are able to perceive only a very small part of it. The filters we put on our perceptions determine what sort of world we live in. By changing your filters you can change Your Map of the World.


In this talk/workshop you will discover that the key to Responsible Communication is that the messages you are receiving are in response to the messages you have sent, and you will adjust your behaviour accordingly.


You will learn how to connect with people and motivate excellence through:


·         Rapport building

·         Recognizing how you interact with people and why

·         How language influences behaviour and results

·         Values (how you impose them on all of your relationships)

·         Building the skills to detect the subtle messages in behaviour

·         Improving your ability to have more choices and reach desirable outcomes

·         Using feedback as a guide for changing and enhancing your living

·         Accurately reading non-verbal communication


Communication is a multifaceted word that covers just about any interaction with others: conversation, persuading, teaching, negotiating, and coaching. The key to effective communication with athletes and others is to be flexible in your choices, attitudes, beliefs and values. It is about ATTUNEMENT.


What is CRITICAL in this LEARNING is the absorption and integration of information, and the changes this creates in your ideas, linkages, patterns, sounds, images, feelings, values, and beliefs. To be able to learn this way requires that you develop a greater range and more refined precision in your perceptions. As you do this, the world becomes a different place and your map of the world of reality begins to change and become richer, more detailed.


                                        Reasonable men adapt themselves to the world.

                                          Unreasonable men adapt the world to themselves

                                     That’s why all progress depends on unreasonable men.

- George Bernard Shaw



 © Colli K Christante


 “I can’t explain it, it’s that thing she does. It does everything.”

B.K Coach for Prince George Spruce Kings


 “An interesting lady sensitive and intelligent. Colli’s spirit of life is unique; Her eyes have soul to them; her brain is alive and active. Great combination”

 George Karl-Head Coach, Denver Nuggets







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