Insider Strategies to Becoming a Champion in Sport, Performance, and Life

"An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their FEELINGS through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante

Some Benefits

 Laser like competitive focus… so you don’t check out at critical times and make mental errors that cost you games, matches, or medals

• shift your intention and focus while you are in action

• stop your minds’ manipulation and control trips

• deliver your PEAK PERFORMANCE with RESULTS

• understand how you think about thinking so you know how your competition is thinking

• overcome challenges quickly

• overcome slumps

• stop worrying about achieving goals ... become a great problem solver

• stop self destruction/sabotage

• techniques to optimize your thinking

• how to communicate with coaches, recruiters use the language that GETS THIER ATTENTION

• discover inner strategies, consciously or unconsciously, utilized by elite athletes, performers that keep them in the ZONE?

• learn how they maintained a level of excellence over their entire careers

• discover these athletes, performers were NOT “just born this way”

• learn what role, if any, mental or physical conditioning play in the success these individuals have achieved

• learn how once you discover these insider strategies, you can incorporate them in all environments

You will break free of old negative survival patterns using your own positive patterns that keep your body balanced. This includes different methods of developing chi, relaxation, letting go, concentration, breathing actively so you are congruently integrated resulting in accessing extraordinary endurance, balance, ease, and psychological confidence.
You will be aligned on logical levels of environment, behaviour which includes language, senses, movement, experience base, capabilities, values, beliefs, over man giving you the feeling of being in control. A unifying experience involving your entire sense of self. The environment, higher sense of self, your potential, your destiny.

You will be supported in the balancing and aligning of your ego and soul - ambition and mission. Passion and presence emerge naturally when these two forces (ego and soul; ambition and mission: are in harmony with one another.

You will have the foundation for optimal performance.

You will learn how to set up conditions in your life so you succeed becoming a Champion in your sport, performance and your entire life. When you know what drives you ...The best of YOU will come out:


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