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An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their FEELINGS through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante


At the age of 11 while figure skating at a provincial competition, something changed for me during that performance. For the first time, the zone of absolute focus, the ease with which I had always skated, was gone. I lost the connection that in the athletic world is known as the Zone. On the way home that night, I vowed to myself that I would get it back and I would learn how I got it back.

Since then I have committed my life to that journey, and not only have I gotten it back, but I share it passionately with other athletes, performers and individuals aspiring to becoming a Champion.


Over the years I have collected a multitude of experience, education and apprenticing with experts in various fields. My path includes inspirational speaking, teaching and consulting, yoga instructor, metaphysics, specialized bio and behavioural kinesiology, psych-K, brain gym, neuro-linguistic programming, touch for health, meditation, and self mastery (teachings that awaken your inner truths and strengths) news anchoring, journalism, TV and film production.



Then life brought me back to my familiar, working with athletes and performers. Through combining the mediums and methods I have in my toolkit,  ... I teach you how to access the Zone of Absolute Focus ...I assist you in becoming a World Class Champion!


 My life-long interest and training in communication, sports, mind/body fitness, health, wellness, and meditation inspired me to offer mind/body communications consulting services to Sports Teams, Coaches, Elite Athletes in the NHL, NBA and PGA players such as Stephen Ames, International Soccer Teams and Snowboarding Champions.

Through the design, development and delivery of communication and peak performance training programs, I have earned an outstanding reputation as one of Canada's prominent  communications experts in creating World Class Champion athletes and performers.


As a Peak Performance Achievement Coach, Specialized Kinesiologist and Professional Communications Trainer I am experienced in developing and maintaining peak performance at all levels. You can be ensured that I will keep you aligned and that means you will reach your short and long-term goals ensuring you can use the information immediately.


I believe that Inner Fitness is the foundation for becoming a World Class Champion in sport, performance and life. Inner Fitness requires you to have a strong sense of identity and purpose, be grounded in your own beliefs and values.

Only through making the unconscious conscious then changing (reprogramming) the programming of our subconscious mind which is the most powerful, goal achieving mechanism - can we become the someone we always wanted to meet - our true self.

 Head Coach Phil Jackson said, “People like to talk about the mind and body being one, but really the spirit is the connecting force.”

To discover the INSIDER STRATEGY to the ZONE of ABSOLUTE FOCUS contact me NOW!

 “An interesting lady…sensitive and intelligent. Colli’s spirit of life is unique; Her eyes have soul to them; her brain is alive and active. Great combination”

George Karl-Head Coach, Denver Nuggets






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