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"An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their FEELINGS through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante



"She does kinesiology therapy ... something I was really excited about. Some how it shows my body knows more than I knew. Some how my body knows. My body is intelligent. Somehow my body knows, how come I did not know that. That means we are not allowing the body to come into action. You should talk to Colli". Master Dyhan Vimal click here to listen to audio testimonial


“Dear Colli (Miss Lighthouse)...How you shine so bright...Lost souls are attracted because of your shinning light and your powerful posture. Wind nor shine sleet nor rain your light is on.” My recent work with Colli has molded me into a highly motivated individual with clear life passions. I believe that any person who has the opportunity to work with Colli and to incorporate her tutelage towards peak performance and “Owning the Zone” would be a better athlete and person.

Robbie Ames (PGA Golfer)

“Colli want to thank you so much for your partnership with me this year. I cherish it.”

PG, CEO and President


“Through Colli’s program, I was able to develop supreme confidence and much more”

B T (Former Vancouver Canuck)


“I must thank you for you support and guidance through out 2006 and I look forward to working with you on BECOMING MAGNUM.”

 Love and Gratitude,

M Bennet, Producer/Director


“Colli took my game to a completely anther level-wow!!”

G Toor, WHL


“Thanks Colli, you gave me the motivation to connect with my spirit and what I want to accomplish this year”

A K Brady University of Simon Fraser


“Colli turned my life around”

T.S National Swim Team Member


“I can’t explain it, it’s that thing she does. It does everything.”

B.K Coach for Prince George Spruce Kings


“An interesting lady sensitive and intelligent. Colli’s spirit of life is unique; Her eyes have soul to them; her brain is alive and active. Great combination”

 George Karl-Head Coach, Milwaukee Bucks


"Colli K Christante is the most compelling, stimulating and charismatic interviewer with whom I have ever had the pleasure of working. She had really done her homework and the depth of her questions propelled our talk together into surprising areas. I found myself thinking about and talking about issues that I had never even approached in interviews before. Colli has a unique, disarming and totally charming way of getting to the heart of the matter and I enjoyed myself immensely. After seeing the tape of the interview, I felt- and still feel-that "Colli is the BEST INTERVIEWER that I have ever experienced"

 Stephen Simon Producer What Dreams May Come, Somewhere in Time and Creator of Spiritual Cinema Circles


"Like every integral leader, Colli’s goal was to inspire every student to broaden their horizons and widen their scope of improvement.  In a class with a finite run she was able to push up and send every student a little closer to success.  And the reason she was able to do so was due to her empathy for the bright and ordinary alike.  Colli exuded original vision, relentless passion and no question went unanswered.  She led not because she had been handed the scepter but because that was the most natural thing to do.

 I thank you for your continuous encouragement. You're the best!”

Sam Mukherjee, Award Winning Screen Writer, Toronto, Ont


 “Her program is absolute dynamite. I can’t imagine anybody today who is serious about developing their sport performance or profession to the highest level not taking of advantage of Colli’s amazing and incredibily powerful program.

Robert H Garry Businessman, Paris France




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