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An Athlete is an Artist who wants to bring the JOY of their feelings through the ACTIVITY of their BODY.”© Colli Christante

Research shows that the "state" athletes call the
 Zone, what researchers and professionals call Flow and what children call Play share the basic characteristic of complete self-less absorption and engagement in the moment. This "state" of complete uncomplicated behaviour is nature's baseline, her expectation, for optimum learning, performance and well-being. Yoga, meditation and athletics, when approached in their true spirit, attune us to this optimum state.

- Michael Mendizza


Could it be possible that the last time you experienced effortless flow, absolute focus was when you were a child?


     "Did YOU know the moment YOU fall in love with a sport activity

                                 the ATHLETE and PERFORMER in YOU is born!"

What separates top athletes like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, Wayne Gretzky, Lance Armstrong, Laird Hamilton, and Joe Montana from all the rest?

What gives the competitive edge to today's All Stars like Tom Brady, Steve Nash, Sidney Crosby,
Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova?

Hi my
name is Colli and in my years as a trainer and achievement coach for high performance athletes, I discovered the INSIDER STRATEGY which is the difference between why some athletes become top of the world class athletes/performers, make millions of dollars, have super star models on their arms at their beck and call while others just as athletically gifted fall by the wayside and end up working at the gas station.

I can tell you right now that the
difference has nothing to do with genetics, nothing to do with height, weight, speed, appearance, or any other physical abilities, nothing to do with the supplements, nothing to do with coaching.

The fact of the matter is this INSIDER STRATEGY is the one thing that separates world class athletes from the mindset of athletes who do not "make it".e

you to the top, and mental weakness straight to the bottom

The fact of the matter is world class athletes are able to almost magically to transport themselves in to a Zone of Absolute Focus ... where ... everything else in the world completely fades away ... where the only thing on their mind is the ball in front of them, the game in front of them, the sport in front of them ... where they are able to take all of their physical, emotional, mental, gifts and focus them like a laser exactly on one thing.

Now ... you might think that Zone is talent or something you are are born with. The fact of the matter is not true at all. I am telling you right now that even if you have ADHD and can barely sit for 5 secs ... the Absolute Focus program ... the ability to enter the Zone to have that Absolute Focus that elevates you to the next level of Athletic and Personal Performance is something you can learn and can learn extremely quickly.

My company is Inner - Expression. An international service orientated, training consultancy devoted to guiding athletes, performers and individuals in becoming World Class Champions through advanced techniques. I have taught these mind/body techniques and communications to numerous Sports Teams, Coaches, and Elite Athletes in the NHL, NBA and PGA but programs and services are open to all athletes at any level.

 To discover the INSIDER STRATEGY to the ZONE of ABSOLUTE FOCUS contact me NOW!





“Deeper and more fundamental than sexuality, deeper that the craving for social power, deeper even than the desire for possessions, there is a more generalized and more universal craving in the human make-up. It is the craving for…the right direction…for orientation.

- William Sheldon





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